1. New updates for Cess ON VAT

2. Acro-Tex Textile software

3. Acro-Bis All General Traders

4. Tax-Soft All Tax Consultants

5. Jewel Plus For Jewellers

6. Importing data from excel

7. The Kerala Finance Bill


Acro-Tex is an unique software for Textiles and Readymade Wholesalers & Retailers to make accurate stock management with pin details such as supplier,date of purchase price,value,brand,company,size, stuff etc... With and unique Barcode system(Laser Printer & Barcode Printer) incorporated within the system with high volume printing rate(i.e.Approx.900 stickers per minute).No need to item creation and costing can be done within no time.Employee check in Check out tracking though RFID and normal ID Cards.Rate wise stock analysis Party wise stock, LR Register also included in this Software

Acro-Bis Fulfills the all the requirements of Retail or Wholesale Business firms and Manufacturing units.such as Distributors,Supemarkets, Grocery, Hardware and Sanitary, Mobile Shop, Paints Shop, Computer sales & service and Manufacturing units.This Software Included Inventory, Accounts and production,Multi units,(MLP)Multi level pricing for different types of customers,maintaining the payroll and perfomance reports of employees,production and costing of items and material management.Acro-Bis software is Barcode Enabled and include all the features of Standard Accounting software
Tax Soft is a High-End Software Solution spcecially designed for Tax Consultants.'Tax Soft' completes a work in just three days which an ordinary accounting software takes fifteen days and manual work takes more than thirty days to complete.This means more than eighty percent saving in the time and energy.This software inckudes all latest KVAT forms(Form 10,10A...etc
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Jewel Plus
ewellery Shop management software has Purchase, Sale & Estimate of Jewellery (Gold, Silver), Purity Categorization, Item Transfer, etc. It also covers integrated purchase of Old Gold with Sales, Value Addition, Stone Weight, Sales on Current Market Rates, Transaction with goldsmith, Physical stock adjustments. Fast billing formats, VAT & other tax repotrs available. Other features include Integrated Accounts, User Activity Monitor, Easy Backup & Restore, Multiple window processing, etc. Single User or Multi User options are available. 
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Textile Management Software
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